The Manifesto

Why does a woman like me NEED to write a blog?

I am fed up with being interrupted, stopped, and silenced by men.
(Indeed, those who won’t shut in the meetings are men.)

I am Hungry and Keen. I am a HK feminist.
(Indeed, too many food shows have featured exclusively men, especially white men. How often did you see a woman traveling to exotic places like the Far East to enjoy the local cuisines on TV? Shoot me one if you’ve ever seen one.)

I love being heard.
(Indeed, women are still less visible than men in many aspects.)

I want to enjoy writing.
(Indeed, I wrote a lot for my career. But it is not so fun.)

I want to feel sexy and hot.
(Indeed, good erotica for women is a rare breed. We urgently need that! Let me play dirt.)

I want to create my own playground.
(Indeed, social media fame is exhausting. Let’s not play by their rule.)

Shoot me some juicy, sexy, healthy tips to be a hungry and keen feminist! Looking forward.

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